Thursday, May 05, 2011

Are you Pinning?.....

So have you heard of Pinterest? You may have noticed by now that I'm a fan. Well that might be an understatement actual. I'm a HUGE fan! I loooooove this site! 

So what is it? It's eye candy at it's finest that's what it is. In a nut shell Pinterest works as a virtual pin board (aka. cork board, bulletin board, etc.). Once you're signed up you download the handy dandy Pin It bookmark. It'll then appear on your toolbar where you can simply click on it every time you're on a site with an image you want to add to your Pinterest boards. Easy peasy! 

Once you hit "Pin It" all of the images from that site will come up and you click on the one you want to "pin".

A pop up window will then come up.  You can describe your pin and choose what board you want it to go too. 

This is a screen shot of my boards on Pinterest. As I mentioned every time you pin something you're asked where you want to put it. You choose the board you want and it magically appears there. I love being able to have separate boards for different topics and when you pin an image Pinterest automatically grabs the source link so you can easily file interesting finds to go back to later when you have more time. Ah, I love being organized! 

Here's a screen shot of my Birthday Fun board.

Pinterest is also great because you can follow other users. You can follow all of their boards or just one of their boards. The Pins of any users you follow will show up on your home screen where you can repin till your hearts content (more on this below).
The above image is of my home screen. Here you can also search Pins on Pinterest. You can search by typing in key words in the search bar or you can see the pins of all Pinterest users under "Everything". You can also see popular pins under "Discussions" or you can even shop via Pinterest under "Gifts". Way cool!
"Repinning means re-posting a pin you find on Pinterest to your own collection". When you're looking at other pins on Pinterest you can scroll your mouse over each picture and a "Repin" button will shop up in the top left corner of the picture. Click on that and a pop up window will appear where you can change the description of the pin and choose which of your boards to add it too. When you repin something Pinterest gives credit to the first person who pinned that image as well as the original source.

And (another reason for me to get an iPhone) Pinterest is coming out with an iPhone app! Oh my goodness that would be the death of me. I already tell my husband that he's a Pinterest Widow because once I start searching through all the lovely pins it's hard to stop! : )

You can also comment on pins, like pins, send messages to fellow pinners.....Pinterest really is a lovely thing so go start pinning! Oh and be sure to "follow" me while you're there? heehee!


Blue Clouds said...

Hi Lindy!
Your blog is great, I reblogged you perspective one.
I'm really want to be part of the Pinterest but they ask for an invitation, could you invite me? is that possible?
here is my work

If you think you can't I undestand!!
thank you very much!

craftedbylindy said...

Hi Tatiana - I just went you an email. : )