Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I'm blown away....

I'm honestly kind of lost for words. The party that I just came across has completely blown me away. It's astounding and I don't use that word a lot, like never! The lady who created this party needs to win mother of the year, hands down! Wow! Just wow!

Anj from Snowy Bliss created this amazing party! The theme: Night Owl Party. Step one, turn your dining room table into the cutest bed ever! Anj used white cardboard, a black felt marker and an exacto knife to create this beauty. Also she wanted the room to feel like a bedroom so using a digital scrapbooking kit she made the window with the little peeking owl and had it printed at Costco. I can't get over it. Brilliant and how cute are those pillows on the bed?!

Wanna know something really cool? You can get a pdf of the bed drawings so you can project them onto your own cardboard and have all this cuteness for yourself. Check out Snowy Bliss on Etsy.

The the owl place settings!
Check out the cake! Fantastic and made by Anj!

Oh and there's that awesome window again! 

And the bed! Wouldn't this be fun as an actual head board in a child's room? You could project it onto cardboard, wood or even the wall itself. You could leave it as a line drawing or colour it in with paint! Yup, I love!
 Okay now let me blow your mind one more time! Anj made ever single one of these stuffed owls! Every single one....with her bare hands! And she and her family came up with a story for each one. And each party guest got to take one home! I'm not joking when I say that I wish I could have been one of the lucky party attendees at this shindig! I'm uber jealous!!!

This party is really just WOW and there's so much more to it. Please go visit Anj's blog, Snowy Owl to see the invitations, find out what party games they played, what other goodies the guests got to take home, etc., etc. The awesomeness of this party just doesn't end! Find out here now! : )

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Kristin said...

That is an amazing party! I love that cake!