As I'm jumping from one thing to another in this online adventure that I'm having I often see different things and wondering "how'd they do that?". Not knowing the correct terminology or having any knowledge of html I find myself confused and frustrated when I can't figure out what something is let alone how to do it. Thanks to many wonderful friends and a lot of time reading I have managed to learn a thing or two. Below are links to different tutorials that have helped me solve some mysteries. I hope they can help you too!  

CraftedbyLindy tutorials....
* CraftedbyLindy: How to add your blog feed to your Facebook fan page - Coming Soon!
* CraftedbyLindy: How to add columns in TweetDeck - Coming Soon!
* CraftedbyLindy: How to add additional profiles in TweetDeck - Coming Soon!
* CraftedbyLindy: Behind the Scenes Product Photo Shoot - Coming Soon!

Off site tutorials....
* Ask Candy: Adding Social Media Icons to Your Sidebar
* Ask Candy: Adding a Grab my Button Widgets/Gadgets
* Ask Candy: Adding a Free PDF file to a Blog Post in Blogger, Wordpress and Typepad
* BlogCentral: How to Centre the Pages/Pagelist Gadget

Behind the Scenes product Photo Shots and Photo Tips and Tricks....
* Elegant Girl: Behind the Scenes - EG Product Photo Shoot
* Made in Lowell: Editing Product Photos
* Merriweather Council: One Step Photo Edit in Photoshop (also works in Elements)
* Merriweather Council: My Etsy Photo-Taking Tips, Tricks and Tools for Developing a Cohesive Style