Friday, October 03, 2008

Music and Commercials

3rd and last post - As a general rule I'd say that I'm not a huge fan of commercials. They provide time to run and get a snack, retrieve a sippy cup or go to the bathroom. Other than the convenience I really could care less. However....once and awhile a lovely commercial comes along that you just can't wait to see over and over and more often than not it's because of the music. There was a commercial for a video game last year that introduced me to the song "Mad World". Love it! There's also a commercial on right now for the Discovery Channel which has many of it's show hosts singing the song "I Love the World". Not a great song granted but it's the song that makes the commercial. Many commercials have introduced me to many new songs and artists. I find myself googling "Nano-chromatic Commercial Song" in order to get a name that I can then download from Limewire. When I find the song it's like making a great discovery because now it's on my computer to be listened to over and over. Here are just a couple more that I have recently discovered. They are also on my playlist so take a listen and enjoy!

  • Bruises by Chairlift

  • When I go by Slow Club

  • More Where That Came From by Dolly Parton (not on playlist)

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Roeckers said...

There was a time my kids would watch that commerical from animal planet over and over every morning at breakfast. I will have to pull it up again. Music really does make the commercial. I will have to check out your suggestions. I am not good with staying up with the times but I am always looking for new music.