Thursday, October 23, 2008

BC Adventure

Finally some shots from out trip to BC. We went out there for Jason's Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary. We decided to extend our trip so that we could see other friends and family that also live in BC. We were there from Oct. 7 to Oct. 14. Aden did really well despite all the time spent in the truck. We were pleasantly surprised. He was a real trooper.

A shot of Aden exploring the grounds at our cabin (for lack of a better term).
Aden loves to throw so Jay introduced him to the joy of making water splash. Aden was hooked. He didn't want to stop and threw rocks into the lake for a good 15 minutes.
Double handed yet!
This was our cabin called Quince. It was rustic but with all the conveniences of kind of camping. It was really nice and the last cabin on the peninsula so you could see the lake right out the back of our cabin and we were right on the beach. The cabin had a great little living room and kitchen and two bedrooms. The location is called Ponderosa Point in Kaledon (just south of Penticton). We'd totally stay there again and recommend it to anyone!
Aden and Daniel having some fun at Costco!
When we were in Kamloops we went to a Pick your own Pumpkin Patch. It was awesome. Just a huge field full of orange and green pumpkins. We got some great pictures! These are only 3 of over 200 that we took (note that's two cameras and two crazy picture taking ladies).Aden loved the giant pumpkins.
He did not like sitting on the giant pumpkins however.

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