Friday, October 03, 2008

House update

2nd post - I believe that I mentioned already that we had decided to get the exterior of our house painted. Well the deed is done. The painters came last week and in 3 days our house got a makeover. Here are a few pics of the transformation.

Before - We really didn't mind the gray and white but it was time for an update and the gray was starting to crack and peel exposing some lovely bright blue underneath.

Paint Samples - We had a very hard time picking a colour. Many sample strips were taken from the paint store. I got out the good old colour fan and tried to match many houses in the neighbourhood. Finally I choose 6 to try out on the house. We got a quart of each and only dipped the brush in the paint twice. Anyone need some beige?
Mid Makeover - The painting company was great. They did a wonderful job of taping everything off. The only down side is the second day when they sprayed the house all of the windows and doors got covered in plastic. I couldn't see out or even get out at one point. Talk about feeling claustrophobic.
All done - Our house is now a lovely, happy shade of beige. The acual name is Neutral. The house looks updated now with the new color and the fact that we got the stucco and siding painted the same. Our new steps look great too and my favourite part....we now have black doors. Woo hoo!


Roeckers said...

Looks good! Event he window looks all new! Well worth your time being taped in and your money!!

Anonymous said...

Looks so good! Who knew? I thought it looked great before but, now it's fancy!