Friday, October 03, 2008

Hypocritical Blogger

I'm a hypocritical blogger. I follow a few blogs now. I typically check them each morning while eating breakfast and watching Aden run around the house. I get so excited to see what everyone's new "news" will be and find myself often disappointed and sad when I see the same post as the day before, or the day before that, or that, or that..... And yet I have to remind myself that I can hardly expect others to update their blogs everyday when I can barely update my blog once a week. So I apologize to my blogger friends for expecting so much from them (even though they don't realize I do) and to make up for it I will put up 3 posts today, this being the first.

I recently got a digital scrapbooking program and spent the whole week working on an album that will remain nameless for the moment. Here are a few pages of the Turner kidlets. Enjoy!


amy hughes said...

i might have to start digital scrapbooking now. the pages are adorable! how could you do this to me!? i resisted for so long!!!

Anonymous said...

So crazy cute! I might just have to start digital scrapbooking! Is it hard?

Anonymous said...

Oh, PS - I'm the same way. I get all bummed without others updates eek! I'm the slacker!