Friday, March 09, 2012


Okay I'm finally getting this post up. On my husbands side of the family we do a gift exchange every year. Well Christmas of December 2010 (yup, I said 2010) we had my sister in law, her husband and our two adorable nephews, Kaalam and Xander. I decided to get all creative and make them masks and capes. Fast forward to July of 2011 (yup, 2011) and I finally got the caps and masks finished and sent off to them. I'm happy to report that although the gift was over 6 months late they were thrilled with it none the less. 

I found templates for both the masks and the capes in this post on the blog Living Locurto. I bought stiff felt for the masks and cut out the boys initials and some lighting bolts and stars to attach (I used fabric glue). I then sewed some elastic to the backs using my sons head as a template. For the capes I bought some felt which I folded in half. I then cut out the capes on the fold and then sewed more initials, lightening bolts and stars onto them to personalize each one. I think they turned out pretty cute!

So fast forward to March of 2012 and I'm finally posting about my crafty adventure. Wow, I'm a slacker! Hope you enjoyed!

A huge thanks to my sister in law Amy for taking pictures of her boys for me to share. : )


amy hughes said...

My kids are famous now. Thanks Lindy! The kids play with them all the time!

kasia c. said...

how fabulous Lindy!!
I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who gives late crafty gifts. I still haven't made a duvet cover for a friends birthday last year!!

craftedbylindy said...

Thank you Amy! : )

Kasia - nope, not the only one. I'm the worst with DIY's. Always have the best intentions but I take so long to actually do it, haha!