Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Letter Writing - January

Just in the nick of time! I just finished up my Project Letter Writing cards for the month of January. My son got Preschool pictures taken this year as well as a Santa photo with his sister. I meant to give them to my parents and in-laws this Christmas but completely forgot so it seemed appropriate to get these in the mail for my very first month of Project Letter Writing

I found these cards a few years ago at Michaels. A pack of 8 for $1.50. I love anything vintage/retro looking especially advertisements so they had to be mine. I decided it was okay to part with two though for this months letters. So here we go! One month done, many more to come! 

You can find out more about Project Letter Writing in my post from a few weeks ago and also on my friend Linda's blog who started the campaign. Join us! It's never too late just get writing! 

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Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

those cards are so cute. glad you got those pictures out, I'm sure the receipts will be delighted!