Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Curtain DIY....

So my DIY list is pretty long right now which is unusual for me. I like DIY and being creative but usually I have a couple of things on the go and that's it. Well right now I've got about 8 projects and I'm not sure how or when they're all going to get done. The first one to tackle though were our curtains for our main floor and I'm happy to report they're also the first DIY to get done! Yippee! I've never made curtains before so there's a very good chance I did it all wrong but whatever, they're up and seem to work so I'm calling it a win! Here's how it went!

First I laid my fabric down (right side down) and then laid the lining on top of it. I left about 7 inches at the top without lining because this is where I was going to put my grommets and figured I didn't need the extra bulk of the lining to try and cut through. I did make sure that when sewing the top of the curtain I would catch the lining in the stitch. Had to do some hard math on that one but figured it out.

Then I did some pinning and some ironing....lots and lots of ironing and I've come to the conclusion that for a sewer an iron is your best friend.

Then I sewed the sides. There was a whole lot of math involved in this that I'm not going to describe because frankly I don't want to re-live it but lets just say it worked out in the end.

Then I sewed the top but before doing so I pinned my grommet tap in place so that I'd be securing it to the curtain at the same time I was sewing. Grommet tape is a cool thing. The holes are already set for you so all you have to do it sew it to the curtain, cut the holes out and snap your grommets on. Easy however this is why all the math was required. Because the holes are already set a certain distance apart it sort of determines how wide your curtain can be. This is a good and bad thing. Still even with all the math I'll use this tape again.

Ain't it perdy?

Then using the hole as your template I used a mat knife to cut a slit and then used scissors to make an x which made it easier to cut a circle. A really, rough sad looking circle I might add. It took some work getting the size just right so the grommets would snap on easily. Eventually I get into a groove.

Here's one hole with it's grommet and another hole without. I then hemmed the bottom, ran the iron over it all once more and......

The final product. We have a patio door and two windows on either side of our fireplace so I had to make 8 95" inch curtain panels. It took a long time! A long time but they're done and we like them so that's all that matters right?

And a shot of them open. The fabric is from Ikea I might add! Can't get away from that darn Ikea!

Again I'm not sure I did it all that right but they seem to work and I plan on making some curtains now for the bonus room and kids rooms. I just have to find some cool fabric first.

Now for the rest of my DIY list. : )

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Amanda Y said...

Those are excellent! Way to go. Love the material and what a difference it makes in that room.

Andrea said...

Looks like you did a fabulous job!

kabukikreations said...

these turned out awesome!
i need to get going on some curtains for the sea monkey's room... this was just the motivation i needed.

angela flicker said...

Great Job! Don't you just love Ikea fabric.

alamodestuff said...

Excellent job, Lindy! I love how these turned out. I really like your fabric choice, too. Kudos!

Cyn said...

Wow! I love everything about these curtains. Did you know gray is my favorite color? :)

You may have inspired me to sew some curtains for our bedroom. I can't find gray, affordable curtains anywhere... and I hate doing math.

Beautiful work, Lindy!

JORDAN said...

Your curtains look great Lindy! I LOVE that fabric from Ikea- I really wante dto use it for our headboard but it didn't match oure exisiting duvet cover :( Looks fabulous as curtains though!

craftedbylindy said...

Wow! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments. I'm happy the curtains are getting rave reviews! They took a long time and I have a feeling will be up for a long time as well.

I have to say the hardest part about making curtains is just getting the motivation to do it.

Cyn - that was our problem. We couldn't find any curtains that we liked but did find this fabric so....the choice to DIY was obvious.

Jordan - Ooo this fabric as a headboard would be awesome! Too bad it didn't work out.

Thanks again everyone!

Nancy Ferdinand said...

That's a lovely curtain, Lindy! It looks like you bought it from a high-end shop. Great choice with gray, as it can complement any color, and thanks for this awesome tutorial! :)

craftedbylindy said...

Thank you so much for your comment Nancy! We get a lot of good comments on the curtains so time well spent I think, haha!