Tuesday, September 27, 2011

100% DIY....

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I wanted to share with you an awesome present that my friend Kasia gave me for my birthday. She made the whole gift herself.....these amazing coasters, the card and the box she packaged them in! So amazing! A 100% DIY gift and I love it all so much! I really appreciate all the time and thought she put into it! Thank you Kasia!

Kasia is a card maker and has her own blog, The Nature of Crafty Things, where she highlights her fantastic creations! I'm super envious of all the amazing techniques she knows most of which I've never even heard of. I'm hoping one day she'll give me some lessons! Here are just a sampling of the cards she makes. And I'd just like to mention that Kasia doesn't sell her cards. I think this is wrong, very wrong! heehee. Be sure to check out her blog often to see more lovely creations!

Thank you Kasia for the wonderful birthday gift and for inspiring me to get my scrapbook paper out again. It's been too long! : )


Andrea said...

Very wrong indeed that she does not sell those wonderful creations. What a gorgeous gift, you are a lucky friend!

kasia c. said...

Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you have said, and for the encouragement. :)
It really was my plaesure to make that stuff for you, I am super glad we are neighbours!!

craftedbylindy said...

Andrea - I'm glad you agree with me, haha!

Kasia - You're so welcome and I'm so glad we're neighbours too! :)