Monday, August 22, 2011


So on Saturday I got a lot frustrated. Why? Because we went furniture shopping. I hate it, I truly hate it. There seems to be an abundance of furniture stores out there just full of stuff that's not the right look, not the right shape, not the right colour and the few furniture stores that I do find items in seem to think it's fine and dandy to charge $2100.00 for one bedside table. Yup I said ONE! 

So what ends up happening? 9 times out of 10 we end up at Ikea. Now I love Ikea don't get me wrong but I get teased a bit for how much Ikea I have in my house (to be clear it isn't that much!). I mean yes there have been times over the years when you could walk into a room in my house and say "hey isn't that page 56 of the Ikea catelog" but I can't help it. Why? Because Ikea has sleek, modern designs at reasonable prices. Yes I have to put it together and yes it's made out of particle board but I've been an Ikea shopper for a long time and I can say....the stuff lasts! So while I'm going to do my best to not fill my house with more Ikea goodness I may just end up back there and if that means not going to the poor house because I only spent $150.00 on a bed side table instead of $2100.00 I'm okay with that. At least my house will have some continuity to it and if my kids bash the heck out of the stuff that's okay. I know where to get a new a reasonable price!

Stupid furniture shopping. Getting me all riled up and angry and subjecting my poor readers to this long, ridiculous post. See, yet another reason to hate furniture shopping. Below are some wonderful examples of rooms containing Ikea pieces. Rant over! : )

 Love the Expedit book shelve in this nursery! We have it as well but the skinnier version. Found on Design Pad via Marli's Pinterest.

Okay there's too much Ikea goodness in this picture to list it all. I see a little Lack, a little Expedit, and a whole lot of lovely!Found on via Tamara's Pinterest.

This Hemnes Shoe Cabinet isn't an Ikea piece I'd purchase for my home but I do love the way it looks in this one. Love the mirror over top and the frames on the wall. Found on Small Space Style via Debby's Pinterest.

Oh the Malm dresser in white. I know thee very well. I have 2 of thee in my kids rooms but in birch. : ) Found on Pure Style Home via Jemma's Pinterest.


April said...

WE have a TON of IKEA furniture and accessories in our house as well. It's hard not to love their prices and style, especially for the small space we live in. I recently put together my baby-to-be's nursery and incorporated a very versatile piece of IKEA furniture.

The Nursery

kabukikreations said...

sometimes ikea is just the best option. i have a strange mix of antique and ikea... i use the ikea furniture until i find the perfect antique version to replace it with. it works! i am going there next weekend to look at a few things for the sea monkey's room that i can't find elsewhere for a decent price. i fell in love with a crib... then found out it was $1600. NOT gonna happen. now i'm searching for something else to use until i can switch to the adorable antique bed i have at my parents house.

Amanda Y said...

I agree with Ikea. We have a TON of it in the flat, and I think it works grand. Not too expensive, that great Swedish style, and so easy and fun to create a room.

kasia c. said...

Ok! I just have to say that Cam & I had that exact conversation last night. :)
I feel the same way as you, though for the reasons you mentioned I think I may have swayed him to my side too!
I mean how awful would it be to have spent $2100 on a sidetable, only to have the dog chew on it or marker or something else ruin it. Plus IKEA has something for all tastes too. You don't have to like extremely modern and graphic to shop there.
Hope you are well. :)

craftedbylindy said...

Hello! Thank you for all the Ikea support everyone! It's nice to know I'm not alone!

April - the nursery is adorable! Love it! Great colours!

Kabuiki - that's a great idea! I actually came to the realization the other day that I didn't have to keep the Ikea furniture that I currently have that is causing me to be a bit sick of Ikea. I could actually sell it and like you said replace it with something else. Perhaps I'll worry about the furniture we currently don't even have before doing that but it's a great idea! So sorry about the crib! Especially hard to spend that kind of money on something you'll only need for a few years.

Amanda - Yes I totally agree! And because it's all from the same store you know it's going to go well together right? : )

Kasia - too funny that you guys were just talking about the same thing! Yes I don't want to be paranoid every time something goes near the dang piece of furniture. I mean I don't want my Ikea stuff getting trashed either but at least I won't have nearly as bad of a heart attack if it does. haha! And yes I've actually noticed that Ikea is diversifying lately. There's some modern stuff, some more country looking stuff, etc. Definitely appealing to a broader crowd these days!

Also to follow up I will fully admit that tonight we went to Ikea and may have decided on a dresser and two bed side tables to purchase. Also I went and bought all the supplies I'll need for refinishing the cabinet I bought. So a little of this and a little of that and in the end hopefully we'll have a lovely and complete house to enjoy!

Thanks again everyone!