Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Blog Love...

 photo from Red Online

I was introduced to the wonderful blog Simply Grove by my friend Kristin of Inspired Designer. Ever since I've been more than hooked. Simply Grove is an "interior design and decor blog written by Kirsten Grove.". It's visually pleasing, it's inspiring, it's personal and it's fun!

Kirsten has many wonderful reoccuring posts on her blog. My favourite is "Share with the class". Kirsten will post a photo of a room and simply ask her readers what their favourite feature in the room is and what their least favourite feature is. I love how this post makes you think. Sometimes I know right away what my answers are and other times I have to really study the photo first. I love how sometimes I'm even surprised by my own answers. It's a fantastic feature and I love reading every one's comments. I've included some photos she's shared with the class recently. You can see many more here.

Be sure to check out Simply Grove and often as Kirsten posts a lot, another thing I love!

 photo from Apartment Therapy


simplygrove said...

Thanks Lindy!!!!!!!! Means the world:):)

Games Online said...

Never say never , because you do not know when you will start play some Games Online