Friday, May 27, 2011

The Power of Re-Packaging

I can't tell you how or when I came across Melanie's fantastic blog You Are My Fave but what I do know is the first time I saw it I was hooked. I don't know if it's the sweet bunting, the wonderful party ideas or the posts which are always written with a touch of humor (it's all three!) but I am a loyal follower! You can imagine how thrilled to pieces I am that Melanie agreed to do a guest post for my blog! Seriously jumping for joy! Thank you Melanie!




I'm a believer in the power of re-packaging. While a good quality chocolate bar is always appreciated, it makes an even bigger impact with a quick wrap in a vintage hanky and banded with printed paper and a simple message. The good thing is, you can find great hankies at the thrift store for less than $1/piece and recycle a letterpress card to make it all your own. A simple, pretty gift for under $4 - depending on how good of chocolate bar you go with. Tip: don't go with Hershey.

- Melanie


Jana @ The Summer House said...

Really quite adorable...can't wait to make my own!
xo Jana
just found your to explore

fanciful no.2 said...

love this idea! and, of course, i love you are my fave!

Haley K said...

agreed, say no to Hersheys and say a BIG YES to vintage hankies :) Lovely idea! I need to start collecting and, like you, have some of those beautified candy bars on hand for any and all occasions worth celebrating. thanks for the idea Melanie :)

And i'm so glad I found you blog Lindy. Great creative inspiration all over the place!

Shasta Blair said...

Go with Dove! Or the Finnish "Karl Fazer" - oh its heavenly! I just love this idea, I thought at first the fabric might get expensive, but if hankies are cheap, its a lovely idea!

Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, what an awesome idea! If it's cool, I may reblog this and link back (of course). This is such a clever thought!

craftedbylindy said...

Thank you for all the comment love everyone! I've checked out all of your blogs and they're awesome!

Jana - I know! I'm desperate to get to a thrift store now and make some too!

fanciful - me too! : )

Haley - thank you for visiting!

Shasta - I love Dairy Milk chocolate bars. Not sure they have those in the U.S. but they sure are awesome! Highly recommend! : )

Oh, My Darling - I'd love it if you re-blogged this and linked back here and to Melanies blog! Please let us know if you do so we can check it out.

Thank you all again!

- Lindy

Jana @ The Summer House said...

I bought my candy bars today! I'm almost there.

And I added you to my reader :)

Corrie Anne said...

I'd be thrilled to have such an awesome guest poster too. Lol. This is a great gift idea. I feel like it's an awesome one for guys who are typically harder to buy for!

Alanna Josie. said...

Awesome idea! So handy - thank you! :D

craftedbylindy said...

Jana - that's awesome! I still have neither. :(

Corrie Anne - they would make great gifts for guys. I don't know many who don't like chocolate! : )

Alanna Josie - thanks so much for the comment! said...

This is so adorable and a fantastic idea for packaging little gifts. I wonder if there is paper tissue with vintage hankie inspired prints, that would be lovely!

Adore Vintage

craftedbylindy said...

AdoreVintage - that would be lovely! Thank you so much for the comment!