Friday, April 01, 2011

Birthday Party Fun....

Well here it is, the birthday party extravaganza for a one year old who will never remember it, haha! But.....there will be about a million pictures for her to look at! : ) Hope you enjoy!

We had a family party at my parents house. We needed a very large table cloth and many chairs to pull it off. Seemed to work well. The artwork on the wall was done by my brother.

* I dipped some marshmallows in water and then sprinkled coloured sugar on them for a fun treat and something pretty look at.
* Mini cupcake liners were folded and glued together and then used as place card holders (I didn't get a shot with the actual place cards, doh!)
* The cake (see below)
* My parents have a great collection of fun, colourful plates that worked will with my theme, whatever that was!

* I made the cake with the help of a cake mix and some pink food colouring. I just tinted each layer a little more to get the effect I wanted. I like doing this as you're never quite sure what you're going to get till you cut into it! I sprinkled the coloured sugar on top to finish it off. I was going to be all fancy and do a ribbon effect on the side but lets just say I need more practice before I'm going to be able to pull that off! The icing was a butter cream and I get asked for the recipe all the time, lucky you I already posted about it back in January. You can get the recipe here.

I hope you like! I'll be back Monday with the DIY on the garland used over the table. So fun and easy to make! Have a great weekend!

6 comments: said...

Hmm... this cake looks so delicious :)

Bonnie said...

Looks awesome Lindy!
My birthday is in July..if your available ;)

Maria Lang said...

soooooooooo cute!! lovely!

Yvonne said...

Dude, those marshmallows are toooooo much! I love your yellow-ish theme!

Hilda said...

SOOO pretty!!! I can't wait for the tutorial on the garland, I'm so doing that someday!

craftedbylindy said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone!

Monika - The Cake was yummy, too yummy! I want to make another one already!

Bonnie - absolutely! : )

Maria - thank you!

Yvonne - dude! They turned out pretty cool! Next time I'm giong to try chocolate! Yum! Thank you!

Hilda - you should! It's really easy and makes for a great effect!

Thanks again everyone! : )