Friday, April 08, 2011

Abby Cakes....

I thought I'd end the week with something fun! Since Aberdeen turned 1 we had a family party and then the next day had some family friends over to celebrate. I mean she's one it's not like we're going to invite just a bunch of babies over without their parents (wouldn't that have been a hoot!). So because of this I wanted to come up with a kind of treat bag that would be good for the whole family and not just the babies/kids. So I made Abby Cakes!

Items needed: One clear treat bag, one cake mix, roughly 25 cupcake liners, some coloured sugar sprinkles, a stapler and a cute paper topper complete with cooking instructions and icing recipe.

The top portion included the cooking instructions for the cake mix (right from the box cause that's how I roll!) and the bottom listed the butter cream recipe that I use all the time because it's just so darn good! 

 They turned out pretty cute I think!
Happy weekend everyone!


Laura said...

That is extremely cute. I am also a fan of the all baby party, just as long as it is at your house and not mine.

craftedbylindy said...

Lol! That made me giggle!