Saturday, December 20, 2008

Picture Issues

You may have noticed that lately there haven't been many pictures of my wee little one on here. That's because lately every time he hears the velcro on the camera case or the chime of the power button he comes running desperate to see the screen on the back and to look at himself. So needless to say it's getting almost impossible to get a shot of him. The pictures below aren't in order unfortunately but basically he was sitting in his toy box, I attempted to take a picture of him as it was way cute but as soon as he heard the camera he came a runnin'. Every picture in the last month is from about a foot away. Let's hope he gets nice and distracted by presents on Thursday so I can get some decent Christmas pictures.

1 comment:

amy hughes said...

He looks like such a little boy!! Kaalam went through that run for the camera stage and then through a "turn his head to the camera and deliberately ignore me" phase. you can never win with kids!