Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The big 3 - 0

I had a big idea to do a post on my birthday with the "Awwww" picture of when I was little. Well all my baby pics are in Leth so that idea fizzled. So then I was going to do a post with pictures from my birthday however they're all a little strange. Don't ask. So I'm doing a post about my brithday with pictures of my little guy. He's much cuter anyway. These pictures were taken at a park in Mount Royal. Oh how I love Mount Royal!

I guess I should mention my birthday after all that. This past Saturday, September 6 was my birthday and I turned 30. Good grief! It really doesn't bug me at all and frankly 30 feels like 29. It's no biggy but it was weird to be asked by a friend "how does it feel to no longer be in your twenties?". I'm now a thirty something. Meh....I really don't care! Now I'm just that much closer to Jason.....well sort of!


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day! My number is up in January, still a little nervous. Mostly because then I'll have to be mature and not as crazy. Cute pics of your sweet boy! I love Mount Royal too! So very pretty!

Roeckers said...

Happy Belated!!