Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary.....

......to us!!!! Yup, yesterday Aug 25 was our anniversary. 8 years. It's crazy....the saying "time goes by fast" does seem to fit when you think of it in numbers. 8 years seems like a lot but at the same time it seems like we just got married yesterday. If you think of all the things that have happened in 8 years though it does have more weight to it. Marriage, jobs, careers, cars, houses, a baby! And vacations.....oh the vacations. It's been a good 8 years that's for sure! I love you Jay Dog!

Vancouver Island - Parksville - 2006
Mexico - Tulum - 2005
Calgary - basement - 2007
Mexico - Tulum - 2004
Disneyland - Anahiem - 2008

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paula said...

you are a great couple!!!