Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Race Car Party....

Our son turned 5 this year. He's into race cars in a big way so I ran with the idea for his first real kids party! Here are the decorations. Checkered flags I printed out on my printer and hung on string. More flags with numbers that I attached to giant yellow straws and taped to each of the chairs. It was pretty simple but look great I thought. 

I made each kid their very own, personalized race car driver lunch kit. I used craft bridal boxes and then attached some checkered paper and their names. Each lunch kit included a sandwich, cheese string, yogurt, juice box and bag of chips. The chips were the most popular.

For the activity I kept it pretty simple. I bought a race car cookie cutter and made a bunch of sugar cookies. The kids got to decorate till their hearts content. It was messy but they seemed to enjoy themselves. Here's the birthday boy stuffing his face.

The race car birthday cake. It was tricky to make but I think it turned out okay. The back had red candy for lights and a chocolate spoiler. The Oreo wheels were my favourite. Yum!

I bought some stripped bags from HeyYoYo on Etsy to use for the goodies bags. I filled them with anything race car I could get my hands one, stickers, note pads, crayons, candy, etc.

 Our son was a happy boy!

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Hilda said...

it turned out so cute!! well done!