Monday, March 26, 2012

Sesame Street Birthday Fun....

 Our daughter turned 2 on Saturday so we have a Sesame Street (heavy on the Elmo) themed birthday party for her. Here's some pictures of the festivities.

* I found some Sesame Street confetti at the dollar store. I glued tooth picks to the Elmos so I could use them as cupcake toppers. I then glued toothpicks to the Bert's, Ernie's, Oscar's and Cookie Monster's and used them as foot skewers. The kids loved these! I also used the round Elmo confetti's for the centre of the paper pinwheels (not really sure what to call them) that hung over the table.
* I used pink and red tissue paper to make the paper pinwheels (see above about proper name) and we hung them from the light over the dinning room table. 
* I made some Cookie Monster bag toppers which I attached to baggies with cookies in them for the party favors. I put these inside an Elmo Easter basket I found at a local store.
* I rounded up the little Sesame Street figures we have around the house and used those on the dessert table and put the Elmo on top of the cake along with a #2 candle my parents had.
* We had sandwiches, fruit, veggies and chips for lunch along with bottled water and sparkling fruit juices to drink. For dessert, a mini cake for the birthday girl, cupcakes and cookies (for cookie monster of course).

Lunch, cake, then presents. It was a great party and our daughter looked at everything yelling, "Elmo! Zoe! Ernie! Oscar, etc." which was so much fun. 

Hope you enjoy the pics! : )


kasia c. said...

Well Happy Birthday little one!!

It looks like a great party Lindy! What awesome decorations. :) I'm going to hire you to decorate for my next party!!

craftedbylindy said...

Lol, thanks Kasia! Anytime!

Erin said...

Lindy, it looks like you had a great b-day party! Such cute decorations! Any ideas for the 2-year old party we will be having only a week or so after the baby is born!! Simple suggestions are more than welcome!! :)

~ Erin

craftedbylindy said...

Erin - neither of us have very good timing do we? What about just going with a colour like Blue? Blue decorations, blue cake, blue plates, napkins, etc. Does Jax like cookie monster? You could add cookie monster to the top of the cake or whatever it is that Jax is into right now. :)

For Aden's I made an alligator cupcake cake and some alligator droppings as party favors and that was about it I think. The cake was a bit time consuming though but fun and turned out great!