Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day and a Freebie.....

Well yesterday was a busy one around here. We're not huge Valentine's Day people but with the boy in preschool this year I found myself making treats and Valentine's like a mad woman.

Since Halloween I've been about up to here with candy so when I saw many variations of Valentine's using Fish Crackers on Pinterest I knew I'd found a good alternative. Here are two super cute examples, TammyMitchellPhotography and TheHappenings. For ours we used clear party bags and a fishy saying I couldn't get out of my head, "There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea but You're the Only one for Me". The boy helped put a cup of crackers in each bag and wrote his name on the back of each tag. I made the tags of course and tied the ribbon. Done and done! 

And because it's Valentine's Day I've included a free download of the tags. Yay! You'll have a great head start for next years craziness. : )

I also signed up to take a treat. My friend Lynette made these adorable Jello Boat treats she found on the amazing site SuperMomMoments for her daughters birthday party. I saw them and "You Float My Boat" popped into my head and I knew what the preschool treat would be. Aren't they the coolest?! You can see the whole amazing Tangled party that these boats came from here on SuperMomMoments.

Now mostly because I can't help myself I decided a sweet treat was in order too so I made these heart shaped brownies. I added my Butter Cream Icing recipe to them along with the red heart candies I received from sweetestelle. There was a whole tray left over which I'm pretty happy about. Yum!

First school year done......14 more to go, times 3 kids, times at least 3 more holidays.....oh I'm tired just thinking about it. : )


maggie said...

you amaze me lindy! i want to be like you when i grow up!

Kristi Duggins said...

Great ideas! I wish I could do things like that--with public school though, no more homemade treats--everything has to be pre-packaged. :( I'm going to have to make the boats at home for my daughter though--adorable!