Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Wishes....

I wish I wasn't such a scardy cat. I've been thinking about getting bangs for a long time but I don't think I have the guts to go through with it. I've never had bangs. I'm not sure what style of bangs to get. I'm not sure I'd like them. I do know that I'm sick of the current hair style that I've had for as long as I can remember. I mean lets be honest even with bangs the mommy ponytail is here to stay but at least the bangs would add some visual interest, no? I think if I had a stylist I really liked and trusted I'd do it but currently I have neither so that is another problem. Do any of you have bangs? Do you like them? Hate them? Do tell!

Picture 1: Found on Garance Dore via Renee on Pinterest.
Picture 2: Found on via Erin on Pinterest.


kabukikreations said...

get bangs!!!
i got bangs as an alternative to botox :)
much cheaper and much cuter!
and... i can still move my eyebrows.

my bangs are thick and super blunt but thats what works best for my hair. and i love the vintage look of them.

they totally dress up the mom ponytail (which i'm sporting right now... in preparation. LOL)

also, its just hair. if you don't love them, just let them grow out.

BarefootTams said...

Bangs! :)

I have the thinner variety... but like you said.. it adds interest to the mommy ponytail (which pretty much I'm ALWAYS sporting). I get bangs probably once every 5 years... then get bored and grow them out. Then usually get bored one evening, and cut them again.

It's just hair... and within a couple months they're well on their way to growing out again.

craftedbylindy said...

Oh my goodness you two crack me up! Okay so two very excited yes's! I'm still very nervous and I know it's just hair but man I've had some bad haircuts all of which when I was feeling adventurous so I'm very leery! It would help if I had a decent hair stylist that I trusted! I'll keep you posted as to whether I do it or not! Thanks so much for the support! I really appreciate it! Also nice to know I'm not the only one sporting the mommy ponytail. : )