Monday, May 09, 2011

Girls Night In.....

Scene from Love Actually one of my all time favourite movies. Source.

On Saturday night my husband went out for a "boys night" Let talk about what I didn't do....

I didn't fold the laundry
I didn't clean the kitchen
I didn't pick up the toys
I didn't do any work
I didn't continue to pack for our trip.

Now let's talk about what I did do....

I did make Ghiradelli brownies
I did write this blog post while waiting for brownies to cool down
I did eat slightly warm brownies with chocolate chip ice cream and cool whip
I did all of that while watching mindless tv which was a welcomed break from all the hockey

What did you do this past Saturday night?


Hilda said...

I watched hockey but man I want to do what you did!! haha. And Love Actually is one of my all time favs too. SOOO good. After I can never decide which mini story is my favorite.

Cindy W said...

sounds PERFECT

craftedbylindy said...

Thanks guys!

Hilda - I think they're all my favourite. So funny, all of them. : )