Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A New Blog....

So I started a new blog last week because I'm a wee bit crazy. Like I really need another blog but I got this idea and sat on it for a few days and when it wouldn't go away I decided that meant it must be done! My new blog is called Can You Say Culinary Challenged? You see I'm a terrible cook, no good at all! As you know I've just moved into a fancy new house, with a fancy new kitchen, complete with a fancy new oven so I'm bound and determined to figure this whole cooking thing out. So with my new blog I'm challenging myself to make a new recipe every week and post it along with pictures and details on how my culinary adventure went. So far I've made it to week two and I've got a list of new recipes to try so I may actually be able to stay with it but the true test will be if I end up making a decent recipe or two when this is all said and done, haha! Wish me luck!

Last weeks recipe was Pulled Pork and it was soooo good! This weeks recipe is Herbed Roast Beef. Also good but not jump up and down good like the pork.

You can find my new blog here if you'd like. I can't promise the best photos or the whitiest commentary but maybe you'll discover a few new menu items to add to your recipe box. : )

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Sparkly Pink Star said...

awesome, look forward to reading it!!