Friday, December 17, 2010

A Very Yummy Christmas....

North Pole Cupcakes - Recipe here.

I discovered a blog a few months ago that I just love to death. It's Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. The blog belongs to Kristan, "a displaced stay at home mom living and baking in rural Arkansas.". I enjoy reading her posts so much! They're so relatable and they make me smile but more importantly (to me anyway) they make me chuckle! I only wish I could put things as eloquently as Kristan can. I don't have the gift so instead I live vicariously through her. Oh and I did I mention that she comes up with the most amazingly delicious looking treats!? Her photographs are so lovely I want to eat my computer screen! (see above and below). Please, please, please take a moment to visit this wonderful blog and read a few posts. You'll be hooked!

Snowman Cupcakes - Recipe here.


Kristan said...

Thank you so much, you truly made my day!!

I am so thankful to have sweet people like you in my life!!


If I could hug you, I totally would!!

KristiMcMurry said...

Those cupcakes are beyond adorable. I'm off to visit her blog!

craftedbylindy said...

Kristan - virtual hugs right back atcha! :)

Kristi - I agree, beyond!!!