Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1, 2, 3.....

1. Tara over at Scoutie Girl posted We Scout Wednesdays: Spring today and asked her readers "how do you see Spring?". Babies! That's how I see Spring. Three years ago I had my first wee boy and in about 3 weeks I'll be having another wee one. I love Spring babies. I feel rejuvenated by the time of year so taking on the challenge of a newborn doesn't seem quite so scary. It's still the most insain time of your life but at least you don't have to deal with piles of snow and freezing cold temperatures on top of it all!

Side Note: This pic is me at 32 weeks. I'm now 36 weeks and just slightly bigger, haha! : )

2. The lovely Linda at A La Mode Blog and her co-hosts Candy at Candied Fabrics and Leslie and Smidgebox are throwing me a virtual Blog Baby Shower. It starts today and runs till Friday. Be sure to visit each blog for your chance to win some sweet prizes. Today's giveaway is for a beautiful necklace from Sea Finds Designs. Thank you ladies for such a fun event! Baby showers are the best!

3. Oh there was a third thing and I can't remember now! Blame it on pregnancy brain...LOL!


日日夜夜 said...
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Anonymous said...

Both my boys are May babies - they're the BEST!