Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank You!!!

I've been wanting to post a huge Thank you to all of you for voting for me in last weeks Etsy Voter for awhile now but I've been waiting on something, this......

I didn't end up holding my first place lead and I dropped to 4th but that was okay because Etsy had said that they would feature the top 5 in a special Front Page and that FP finally went up yesterday. (see above pic, left hand column, second down from the top)

I would not have been on the Front Page if it hadn't been for everyone who voted, tweeted, facebooked, called friends and family to have them vote, voted with old accounts, etc, etc. A ton of effort was put into keeping me high on the voter list and I appreciate it soooooo much! Thank you all! Your support means a ton to me!

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