Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo Friday

Whenever I see a lollipop like this I think of Disneyland. Weird right? Let me explain. The first time my parents took me to Disneyland I was 8 (I think!). There was a tiny little candy shop inside the castle just as you walked through it. It was filled to the brim with candy of all shapes and sizes but I only had my eye on the giant, round lollipop. The image of that candy shop will forever be burnt into my brain even if now that little shop no longer sells candy but cheesy glass princess figurines instead. : (
All that just to introduce you to this weeks Photo Friday. This amazing photo can be found in the shop Weber Photography on Etsy. I love the colours, I love the imperfections and I love that it makes me remember! Be sure to check out this shop for tons of amazing photographs.

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alamodestuff said...

Great photo. Those lollipops are great to look at but too big to eat. I always got them stuck in my hair or dirty from laying around, lol! But that never stopped me from wanting to buy them!