Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August Giveaway

What: Hoot Fill-In Invitations (set of 8.....2 of each design and 8 brown bag A2 envelopes)

How to Enter: Leave a comment stating what your favourite thing about school was/is. That's it! Nice and easy. (please include your email address in the post so I have a way of contacting you. Thanks!)
Details: Giveaway will be open until 12:00pm MDT on Friday, August 28, 2009. Winner will be choosen randomly and will receive this set of Hoot Fill-In Invitations.
Good luck and thanks for participating!


twostraycats said...

Oooh, another fun giveaway from the talented Lindy ... these are super cute ...

My favourite thing about school (a lot of years ago now!) was my friends and the bell telling us school was over for the day :P


Anonymous said...

Lovely giveaway I would love to win I collect vintage owls. I loved art class in school still to this day im very artsy fartsy and love to create.Thanks for the giveaway.Helen


Lily said...

my favorite thing about school was when we spent every class period just talking about art in AP Art History.

OOHSNAP natattack! said...

My favorite thing about school is meeting new people & building relationships. :)



Suzanne said...

My favorite part of school was getting new paper, notebooks, and pencils. Even if I didn't need new supplies, I would always con my grandmother to buy me some new "study gadget" every Sunday on our weekly outing. I still never have enough note cards, letter sets, and writing implements.

sgregg78 at yahoo dot com

Beth said...

Oh my...LOVE your creations! :) My favorite thing about school was lunch hour and sitting at the same table everyday with my best friends laughing loudly and planning our evenings out. *sigh* those were the days!

Bombtastic Belle said...

My favorite thing about school was getting school supplies! I'm still a sucker for them, and I have no reason to buy them yet! :( *lol*

myladel said...

My favorite thing about school was buying a planner before school even started. I loved getting organized!

TopHat said...

My favorite thing about school was lunch. Yeah, that's cliche, but it was!

Soy Pea said...

My favorite thing about school was always the supply shopping. I loved getting all that new stuff at once. I really like labeling everything as well. :D


CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Favorite thing about school was the shopping for supplies! I loved getting new notebooks and pencils.

carmel said...

my favorite thing about school is learning intresting things!
and i even teach in schools and i love it!
thanks for giveaway!

stitch said...

My favorite things baout school was walking the halls and talking with my friends.


Wehaf said...

I always loved playing '24' (a math card game) during math class; we got to play once every few weeks, and would have tournaments!

urchiken at gmail dot com

Lizzie said...

My favorite thing about school was always school supply shopping! I loved having new pens/pencils and choosing the colors of notebooks/folders for all of my classes. Oooh...I was a nerd.

smrtmouse at yahoo dot com

Amber said...

My favorite part of school was gym class and recess - yes, I was super active and always had too much energy!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

Abigail said...

My favorite part of school is learning. I love a challenge. But, I especially love history and art! I'm not good at art, but I'm good at studying art. ^_~

abigail.lee {at} gmail.com

Kat C. said...

The one thing i love most about school are my classmates; i swear friends+snacktime is the best thing that happened in school :)

katch05 at gmail dot com

Start To Finish Supplies said...

Recess! Recess was always my favorite part of the day. I was never a fan of school so I looked forward to whatever type of recess there was that day.


Indie Craft Corner Editor said...

friends! oh how I miss seeing friends everyday!


The DIY Show Off said...

What a generous giveaway. I'm new to your blog - so many pretty papers! :)
Nice to "meet" you!
my favorite thing about school was socializing. lol We lived in the country growing up with our only neighbors being an old couple so I loved going to school to make friends.


Tylerpants said...

My favorite thing about school was lunch! Wasn't that everyone's favorite part of the day in school?

fındıkfaresi said...

Mine is the friends which i have fun with:)

Here is my e-mail: findikim@gmail.com