Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photo Friday

Okay I just realized it's Thursday! Ooops...haha. Oh well I don't care. I'm leaving this post up. Happy Friday one day early everyone! Tee hee!

I went to Etsy, typed in Photography and on the first page I saw a picture (above) titled Lethbridge. I grew up in Lethbridge. Now one expects to see photos of Paris or London but cetainly not of Lethbridge so you can image my surprise when I came across this. I explored further and discovered that Geufel who is based out of Berlin has done a whole series of photos on Lethbridge and Alberta (the province Lethbridge is located in). It would also appear that Geufels Etsy banner is a picture of the High Level Bridge which is located in Lethbridge. So that was it, there was no question....Geufel would be this week Photo Friday Feature. I hope you enjoy Lethbridge (above) and Alberta (below). Click here to check out more photos by Geufel and here for his blog.


Sherri said...

Hi, I didn't know that you grew up in Lethbridge. Thank you so much for sharing this post - I live in Lethbridge and absolutely love his photos.

Thanks :)

Jennifer said...

Wow, how on earth did someone from Berlin end up falling for Lethbridge? Pretty nifty. Yay for Lethbridge!

alamodestuff said...

Love these photos and now I have a new favorite shop. Thanks for sharing! I thought I'd seen them all on Etsy, lol.