Thursday, June 04, 2009

How To - Product Picture Taking

Just a little behind the scenes look at how I take my pictures. I use a white piece of poster paper, natural light and a little point and shoot Cannon Elf camera. I'm fairly critical of my pictures and always think they could be better but considering what I'm using at the moment I think they turn out pretty good.
Here's the basic set up. I took these outside but I usually take my pics on my kitchen counter by the window. I've also taken them in the living room. It all depends on time of day and which side of the house is getting more sun.

Getting closer....I take most of my pictures on the Macro setting. I love it. The macro setting allows me to get some unique angles and the products always turn out nice and crisp looking.

Even as you can see the pictures is alright but kind of dull looking. Well Linda at a la mode told me about Picasa and now I use it all the time! Picasa is a free download off the internet. It's amazing how the click of one or two buttons can make your pictures pop! I like the "I'm Feeling Lucky" and "Highlight" buttons the best. So here's the before without Picasa and.....

.........the after with Picasa. These pics turned out a little too blue because I took them a little too late in the day but you get the idea.
It takes a little work but it's worth all the effort!

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Roeckers said...

Picasa is our favorite!! We do all our photo editing on it and iPhoto.

I love to see how people are so creative with what little we each have! Thanks for the tutorial! I love it!