Monday, May 11, 2009


Look what I found on Etsy! Wicked! I love my name. It's uncommon but not weird and I rarely heard it growing up. The last few years it's really been picking up steam though and I've been seeing it more and more like on this pillow for instance. I was never able to find the meaning of my name or my name on pencils or erasers growing up so it's super fun to finally be seeing some products out there just for me (haha). With that said though there is a still a feirce side of me that wants to keep it all to myself. Oh the inner struggle! Lol. This pillow is so fantastic though I don't mind sharing my name with it. It's made by Meringue Designs on Etsy which is owned by Cynthia. She makes the most amazing products you must check them out! Click here to go to her Etsy shop and here to go to her blog!


twostraycats said...

That's a cool pillow alright!

ModernPOP Designs said...

oh my gosh, I think you might have to get it?!?