Friday, March 06, 2009

What I Learnt Today Aden and I didn't have any plans today so we went to Rona. Here's what I learnt.

* I learnt that you can spend 30 bucks on paint and then just hope that these are the colors you want or you can kiss your money goodbye. I also learnt that those little tester paint cans that cost a fraction of the cost of a quart only come in a certain brand of paint...not the one that my colour swatches are from. Another classic Story of my Life example.
* I learnt that blinds tick me off. They come in standard sizes none of which fit the windows in our house.
* I learnt that Rona does have our mirrored closet door and possibly in stock providing it's there on the day you happen to go to pick one up. If not, you order and wait I guess.
* I learnt that Rona does not have any lights that I even remotely like. None!
* I learnt that it will cost anywhere from 60 - over 100 bucks to replace all of our kitchen handles. More like over 100 because those are the ones I like the best and would actually make a difference.
* I learnt that at Rona towel racks only come wide enough from one towel, stupid no?........blurgh!

But finally the most important thing I learnt at Rona today is that Aden is no longer fun to shop with! He just wants to walk around which isn't going to happen so he sits in the cart and whines and cries the whole time so you can't get anything done or even hear yourself think. It's awesome!

So when the hubby arrives home it's off to do some comparison shopping. Let's hope I have better luck somewhere else.

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SoBella Creations said...

Check ebay for you hardware! Mirror closet doors? Really? Too bad you don't live down the street from me. I threw a set a while back. I now have no closet doors on my closet. Hubby has a mirror set on his closet still.

Kids don't mind shopping as long as its not for anything important. The minute you really need to concentrate they get crazy.