Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Little Bit of Aden Love

Well I haven't posted pics of the boy in a while the main reason being that I didn't have any decent ones. Lately as soon as he sees the camera he does one of two things, comes running at me wanting to see the pictures on the back of the camera or he immediately looks down and won't look at me no matter how many times I say please or how many strange noises I make. Finally though I have a few good ones to share so here he is in all his splendor!

This is his "ooooohhhhh" face. Wicked!
Check out that hair. Every morning I'm full of anticipation to see what kind of hair my boy will wake up with. This one is pretty awesome!
Aw the new game....completely empty the washcloth/dish towel drawer and spread contents as far and wide as possible and of course toss them in the air and watch them fall on your head.
Here's an action shot of him emptying the washcloth/dish towel drawer. He does this every day lately...it's like an obsession.
Oh and of course we have to find the disgusting looking oven mitts. He loves to wear these things!
Aw, a quick break for a jam sandwich which of course gets everywhere!
My mom asked me to get some shots of Aden standing up in his crib. He was none to pleased with me for not getting him out right away. Poor baby!
Well I'm not really sure what this is about but he's been doing it a lot lately. On his front, back, whatever just so long as his feet aren't on the ground.
I piled all of his stuffed animals on the chair with him. He was okay with it at first and then decided he was a bit crowded. This is Aden getting rid of the clutter.
And finally....Aden has a chair in his room and every so often he will climb up into it and read a few books. This one looks especially interesting.


Jennifer said...

Such a cutie! I love his hair :-)

Anonymous said...

So darn cute! Ruby loved the dish towel drawer too! Love his Oh picture!

amy hughes said...

He is so adorable!

craftedbylindy said...

Thanks girls!

Chrisy said...

Great photos...so full of life...