Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Random Things

Okay I was surprised to see that it had been almost a week since I last posted. It's been a busy week and still is so......this 25 Random Things list has been going around Facebook recently. Here are my 25 Random Things. I really enjoyed making this list and found that I wanted to keep going and add a 26, 27, 28 and so on. I might make another list one day but for now.....

1. I love looking at maps....epecially of cities I've been to. Paris is my favourite.

2. I lived in Paris for a month with 22 other U of L students. We were taking an Art History course. One of the best experiences of my life.

3. I love wearing high heels but rarely have opportunity to.

4. I love wearing flip flops. I own about 12 pairs.

5. I have a Multidisaplinary Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Technical Theatre with a focus on Set Design and I'm very proud of it.

6. I only like to fill up the truck with gas at the Shell station by my house and have great anxiety when I find I need gas and am no where near home.

7. I've worn glasses since I was seven.

8. I hate baths, taking them and giving them.

9. I collect old movie musicals. Not to the extent that I buy just any musical though I just buy the ones that I like and used to rent from the library over and over again when I was growing up. I'm also getting quite a good collection of british (or at least movies with british people in them) movies such as Calendar Girls, On a Clear Day, Love Actually, etc....

10. Me likey Jason Statham....think The Transporter and The Italian Job.

11. I love my laptop. I don't know what I would do without it.

12. I love badminton....playing it not watching it.

13. I make birthday cards for a group called Santa's Secret Service that gives out birthday and Christmas gifts to elder people who don't have any family.

14. I LOVE vintage advertising. You will see it all over my house. It seriously makes me happy inside.

15. You will also see Ikea furniture all over my house and I remember the price of each and every item. Not sure why I just do.

16. I read the same "three" books over and over.....The Westing Game by Ellen Rankin, The Harry Potter series and anything written by Erma Bombeck.

17. I'm lactose intolerant.

18. I hate sweeping...HATE IT!

19. I have a blog, something I never thought I'd do but I really enjoy it. In fact I enjoy it so much that I now write on a second blog. www.craftedbylindy.blogspot.com and www.themommydesigner.blogspot.com

20. I've been to Disneyland 4 times, Las Vegas 4 times and Mexico, Mayan Riviera, 4 times. What can I say I'm a creature of habit.

21. I love everything about the rain.

22. My biggest goal is to go to England.

23. I've known Jason (my husband Jason not Jason Statham...I wish!) for 12 years, we've been together 11 and married 8.5 and I still love him....well most days : ) We were married almost 7 years before we had Aden.

24. I always sneeze in threes.

25. I love doing these random thing surveys. You learn a lot about other people and a lot about yourself.

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