Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to you!

Here's one last post before Christmas to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season. Here are a few random shots as well. It's all about the pictures.

I love Christmas for many reason and one is Christmas Cards. It's very rare to get anything in our mail box but junk and bills these days but for the last few weeks we've had at least one Christmas Card appear every day. It's great. I think this may be the most we've ever gotton. Good thing I have my fancy Ikea card holder. Thanks to everyone for sending us some Christmas Cheer.
This is my Wobbely Santa. I love him. I got him a few years ago and he is by far my favourite Christmas Decoration. That's why I put him up nice and high were Aden couldn't get at him.
Aden's been in a helping mood the last little while especially with the groceries. I typically drop them at the front door while we take off coats and boots. As soon as Aden is free of his winter gear he grabs the handles on the bags and attempts to take them to the kitchen for me. So cute. Here is his attempt at taking the paper towels which as you can see are almost as big as he is. He did very well. Only dropped them once!
Merry Christmas!

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