Sunday, August 03, 2008

Long far

Well it's only Sunday and we've already had a very busy weekend. We went to Butterfield Acres yesterday with the Christensen's. It's a farm just north of Calgary where you can feed and play with the animals. It was really nice and thankfully very quiet for a Saturday. Aden did really well. It's was great to be able to take him somewhere where he could walk around and actually notice the animals.

Aden really liked the did Jay!

All over the farm they had these picture cut-outs that you stick your face through. Aden went gaga for them. He thought they were hilarious. I think it reminded him of playing peek-a-boo.

Another picture cut-out that Aden loved.

This sheep was hilarious. There were a ton of them walking by but this one stopped and went right up to Aden. I thought Aden was going to freak out but instead he got a huge smile on his face and wanting to touch the sheep. We have about 6 pictures of them hanging together. Very cute!

On Friday Nathan, Becca, Ellia and Annorah came for the day on the way back to Montreal.

Aden and Annorah

Annorah sat in her seat for a long time making cute faces!

Aden and Auntie Becca, chillin'.

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